The purpose of this website

In this age of unlimited information the greatest challenges most people face is knowing “what to learn” and “how to learn”. Streamlining incoming information is extremely time consuming. That is the reason why courses exist so that the information is arranged in a structured manner and becomes easier for the learner to proceed with the learning process. But most online courses are so costly that an average college student is unable to afford them.

There are lots of freely available content out there related to blockchain technology. Along with the free stuff a lot of universities are providing certification in this technology as well at reasonable rates. The purpose of this website is to bring all this information under one roof and arrange them in a structured manner. This will enable the user to learn about this underlying technology just like the way they do a course but free of cost. In case they are interested in going for a certification, they can choose one from the list of available courses on various websites. A guide to various online courses related to blockchain technology can be be found in this website.

Blockchain is probably one of the greatest innovations of mankind. First mentioned by Satoshi Nakamoto way back in 2008, it has come a long way since then. With so many organizations and individuals working on projects with blockchain as the underlying technology, the future in this domain looks extremely promising. Many job opportunities are going to open up in this domain in the near future and people from all backgrounds will be able to work on projects utilizing this technology. So this is the best time to start the journey of learning about blockchain technology.

About the owner of this website

The website is owned by Shubham Chakraborty. Here are the credentials of the owner.

  • Co – Founder – The Education Refiney (January’2019 – Prasent) – A not for profit online community consisting of people who are interested in bringing some changes to the education system of the country.
  • Director of Operations, Explorium (January’2019 – Present) – Building the next big thing in the Indian education space.
  • Associate customer experiement management / Student Mentor – upGrad (September’2017 – January’2019)
  • Master of Technology in Aerospace Engineering – Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay ( July’2015 – July’2017)

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