What are Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)?

Most of us were introduced to to world of blockchain via cryptocurrencies. But the trust is that cryptocurrencies are just one application of blockchain technology. There can be cryptocurrencies that do not use blockchain technology at all, such as IOTA, which uses an underlying technology named Tangle. In this module we will be covering two popular topics – Cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Note – “Bits and coins” in not the owner of any of the following videos. Instead we have embedded YouTube links to this page.

  1. What is a cryptocurrency?

2. What is an ICO?

Additional Learning Materials

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies – A Comprehensive Introduction


  1. This was a really great and informative post. I have heard a lot about cryptocurrency as well but never really knew what it was and could do. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I have learnt a lot from your post as it’s a topic that I have very little knowledge abot. Very informative post.


  3. I know nothing about cryptocurrence, so I found this very informative. Thanks for explaining it all. =)


  4. My husband is a blockchain lawyer so I hear a lot about blockchain and cryptocurrencies at home. It’s always good to learn more so I can get a deeper understanding into my husband’s job!


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