Prerequisites for Learning Blockchain Technology

Before starting your journey into the world of blockchain technology, it is advisable to you to complete the tasks mentioned in this page

If you are serious about learning blockchain , then reading this book will help you a lot.

This book doesn’t contain a lot of technical terms and is suitable for people from all backgrounds who are really interested in learning about blockchain.

So let’s start the journey towards becoming an expert in blockchain technology.


  1. Blockchain is such a complicated world. My husband is a blockchain lawyer so I can tell you that you definitely need to read a book or two to comprehend blockchain!


  2. Block chain can be very difficult to understand sometimes. It’s great that there is a book that is easy to follow along with to help understand it a bit more. I’ll have to look into it sometime soon. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I don’t know much about blockchain technology, thanks to this book, I will be able to get to know more of it


  4. Thanks for the recommendation, this books sounds very informative, I would like to learn more about blockchain.


  5. I had never heard of blockchain until I read this post. A very interesting topic and it sounds like an in depth idea to learn.


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