Introduction to Smart Contracts and Ethereum

Ethereum was the second unicorn in the blockchain domain. Many consider it to be a rival of Bitcoin, while in reality the two are completely different. Bitcoin is a peer to peer decentralized currency, whereas Ethereum is a platform which is used to create Decentralized Applications or DApps. In this module you will learn about the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum and what makes Ethereum so special.

Note – “Bits and coins” in not the owner of any of the following videos. Instead we have embedded YouTube links to this page.

  1. Smart Contracts – Simple Explanation

2. Smart Contracts – Detailed Explanation

3. Ethereum – As explained by it’s founder

4. Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Relevant Certifications

Although the above videos should be enough to give you a basic understanding about Ethereum, if you are interested in getting a certificate at very low cost, you can check out this course at Udemy

The Basics of Blockchain: Ethereum, Bitcoin, & More

Additional materials

Ethereum Cookbook: Over 100 recipes covering Ethereum-based tokens, games, wallets, smart contracts, protocols, and Dapps



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